invites you for a ride in your holidays in a tourist route in the mountains in Romania, where together we visit monasteries, caves, and waterfalls. . . and. . . many wonderful places.


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Saint Ann lake


Saint Ann lake is the only Lake home volcanical in Europe. Following up with many hundreds of years was a volcano and, on the bottom of crater this volcano formed Saint Ann lake. Situated at an altitude of 950 m and on an area of 20 hectares, Lake amazing, impresses by crystal-clear and pure. I've never seen or heard in crystal-clear lakes, on the other hand, this water is the right of the clear and clean water because of its chemical properties closely approximates distilated water. Saint Ann lake has a depth of 7 m on the other hands, there is currently no creature, due to lack of oxygen.

The legend of this magnificent place keep living from the oldest times. It is said that there would have been two fortresses, one on top of Puciosu, near the Lake and the other on the site of the present Lake. These two fortresses were two brothers rivals, proud and reckless that make any to boast with riches and their achievements. In one day, his younger brother, who was on top of the fortress of Puciosu Gets a guest account in the regions of farway. This guest have a chaise pulled by six horses one and one, over that thought and like the wind. In vain, master of fortress gave wanted and neuritis for and unmatched as guest wasn't pity on them, so the fortress of master was assigned as all going to put his hand on them. He gave a party and when guest was dizzy has caused a game with the dice. Thus, Bonsoir lost chaise with the six horses. After leaving guest, the master of fortress flee from his brother to do bad heart in the end managed to have something more beautiful and more valuable than gold and silver brother. When Brother saw chaise and great horses by them to take an undertaking that gonna get 12 horses with chaise and more beautiful. However, I do not know where I might make sense also Kazak. Suddenly they come brilliant idea to gather the most beautiful 12 girls in the Kingdom and to post it to shoot chaise. It has harness on girls and tried to kick off to his, but they were unable to budge big chaise out of place.Annoyed started to whipped on Ana who was the most beautiful of them.

This unsupport threw a curse upon him. In that moment is sinking land with fortress and all wealthy collected until you, everything was swallowed . After passed “Flood " instead of the fortress was a Lake blue that floated 12 swans and downtown a dragon who try out of “whirlings". When swans have stepped ashore turned back to the girls, each taking to house them. Instead, Ana stayed there spent in prayer, and life as a gratitude as the top I listened to pray.



invites you into a tourist circuit which will include visits to mountain caves, dams, monasteries, waterfalls, beautiful lakes, startling places from Romania


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