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Varatec Monastery


Varatec Monastery take shape in 1773, a church of wood and more than one line. Only later when, has increased the number of monks began construction of the current church. Today, the Varatec Monastery hosting three churches. The Church "assumption" built between the years 1816-1812, the Church with the change to the face "built in 1847 and church with St. John the Baptist" built in 1844.

Following an old tradition, the Church "assumption" was built between the years 1816-1812, through the sacrifice of the Virgin at Olympia. Church Architecture, lines appear on the other hand, the Moldavian and elements of type neoclassical, reflecting the influence of foreign time.

The Museum's Collection contains objects of Varatec Monastery, reflecting the cultural, religious and space of that period. Here we can meet objects of worship such as icons, manuscripts, cloths and on the other hand, objects such as carpets, embroidery, artistic and historical upholstery.

In 1911, Varatec Monastery, founded a school that have as their objective the main training nuns for life was formed. Here the upcoming learning embroidery , the mysteries of the nuns, tissue and painting.

All of the monastic from Varatec or sleep the sleep of resting Mother Olimpia, mother Lazaria and Veronica Micle, one that was the Muse for love poems written by Mihai Eminescu.

Varatec Monastery we can say with hand on heart that is both, a charmy and fairy place, a place where you keep with sanctity traditions and remain forever in the soul of those who visit. Also, there's the great wonder he's one of the most viewed working monasteries of.



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