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Village Murighiol


     The village became a city Murighiol attraction for those who spend their holidays in the Danube Delta. Murighiol town with a rich history that comes from antiquity, when the village was discharged today Black Sea port, but the old Danube, enjoy some advantages they have few Romanian localities. Two steps from the village opens kingdom of Delta waters. Lakes and Murighiol Razelm bordering town, and the clutter of channels around these luciuri water can penetrate into areas of most wild and picturesque Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. In addition to the specific landscape lush lands of water, which is an irresistible attraction for nature lovers, has the advantage that is accessible Murighiol tourists have enough time for vacation.

     In Murighiol you can arrive in Tulcea county road about 50 km which is parallel to the arm of St. George River. Thus, in Bucharest or the seaside can be reached at two steps from the heart of the Delta, Murighiol in 4-5 hours, hard road to which it should tourists travel by boat to visit other picturesque area of Inside Delta.

     Murighiol village, with few exceptions, is gray, with old houses, fishery specific localities. And there, on the narrow and dusty streets that are filled with mud at each rain, miserable landscape contrasts with several luxury homes.

     The European Union has allocated nearly two million non-reimbursable European funds for modernization of county road that provides access for tourists from Tulcea to Murighiol.

     Resort will take shape of an infrastructure project for tourism development in the locality Murighiol was recently approved by the European Union. It is a private investment that would transform the dusty village on the outskirts of the delta in a real resort. Future "Delta Tourist - Murighiol" will cover 12 hectares and will be located on the shores of Lake Murighiol close to the village.

     Near the village Murighiol to Dunav, city precincts are Halmyris, archaeological and historical reference target nationally. It is a fortified settlement on the territory of which the former were found remains of two martyrs of Christendom, and Astion Epictetus, 290 were killed for their faith. Is there a project whereby Halmyris city can become a very important point for cultural tourism. Citadel is expected to ennobling tourism area which is only favorite target Delta for its landscape. There is a prospect of organizing a museum site Halmyris points of restoration and conservation which would organize cultural activities for tourists between the city walls.

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