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Caraorman village


Caraorman name comes from Turkish and means Black Forest. The village lies on a length of 3.5 km and 500 m wide and is located on Sand Caraorman between Sulina branch and arm of St. George, 12 km from the village Crisan. Sand Caraorman is a field with a sandy soil marine origin, with a length of 18 km, a maximum width of 8 km (7000 ha) and heights up to 7-9 m.


The village is made up of Ukrainians (about 490 inhabitants, comparable Crisan), hardworking and hospitable people, dealing mainly with fisheries. Delta live in roughly 15,000 inhabitants of different nationalities: 80% - Romanian, 10% Lipovani 10% Ukrainian. Lipovan differences between Ukrainian and clear language, customs, traditions and even physical appearance. Caraorman dialect used by inhabitants of the Ukrainian language is very close and can be found in cities: Saint George, Crisan Murighiol cycle.


Large surface of the sand bank which is situated near the village allowed the main source of income, fishing, to be possible and cattle, which peaked in the years 87 "-89", when the population exceeded 2,000 heads of cattle .

After the Revolution of '89, deliberate destruction of this sector of agriculture and fish prices rose to dizzying lately have deteminat the villagers to turn to fishing, giving the cattle, which became a profitable occupation.


Caraorman is a village "airy" with gardens large and wealthy households. Specifically Delta villages are thatched roof houses, which have a special rustic charm. Being the largest compact area of reed in the world, the Danube Delta reed is used as building material for roofs, fences and other household annexes.


Sights near Caraorman are: sand dunes near the village, where the fabulous desert landscape is one of the most popular attractions; Caraorman Forest: a forest of oaks, the presence of a species of lianas and other climber gives the appearance subtropical forests. 


In 1940 he was declared a natural monument; Fishing places near Caraorman: Beach Caraorman: no current, clear water and fine sand are the "Fazenda Beach" an interesting place; Cherhanaua Caraorman: collect is where large quantities of fish caught by local fishermen, catches record, etc. The site: remains as a testimony to Ceausescu dictator plans to integrate Caraorman in the national economic system.

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